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Book of Daemons – The Gidim Irkalla

Jeanne of the Gidim Irkalla is perhaps too patient with her host, Marc.

The last of the Gidim to awaken, the Irkalla daemons are deeply involved with the threads of fate. More than any other build in the setting, an Irkalla host makes use of Luck, both to augment rolls and as a cost to spells. Between their ability to modify rolls with Luck Points, and their Atropos Whisper – the ability to ask the GM for specific numbers once per session – Irkalla hosts are more involved with the mechanics of the game itself than anyone. Built for players who like to meld their roleplay to their rollplay, Irkalla rewards careful mathematics and resource use.

Blessed One (11)(1)
Irkalla 21
Transfer 1 Luck Point
Barrier (Toughness Will+1)

Most Irkalla parameters are decidedly metaphysical, with supernatural polymorphs, luck transfers, and curses. This one creates a barrier, a magic shield that re-routes damage to the caster’s mana supply.

Where can you use Atropos Whisper? Well, you can do the obvious thing and ask the result of a roll, or ask a value from an opponent’s character sheet. For example, if you know your opponent barely made a roll, you can cast something like this:

Irritation (10)
Irkalla 20
Polymorph Quirk

Quirk is a catch-all trait meant to encompass any time a character would be distracted, irritated, sick, or otherwise not at their best. It gives the character -1 to all rolls in the presence of a certain trigger. If you know that your opponent is barely scraping by, guaranteeing them -1 by picking something nearby as a trigger can mean a lot.

But there are more numbers in the game than the ones you roll. How many people are in this room? How much is he willing to pay us to betray the organization? What time will the reinforcements arrive?

What is the opponent’s MCS designation?

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