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Halfway Day – Get Ready!

We’re officially halfway through our Kickstarter campaign! Thanks so much to everyone who’s participated so far, and especially to those of you who’ve passed the campaign on to others!

To celebrate Halfway Day, we’re going to party hard tomorrow. Like we’ve traveled back to 1999! When we’re officially in the Kickstarter’s second half, we’re going to have a ton going on here for you!

Like what?

  • A major announcement about the game
  • Some staggering world fiction by an equally staggering author
  • A contest!
  • Unveiling the covers of As Above and So Below
  • The addition of some swag to the Kickstarter!

A contest, you say? I can’t tell you too much about it just yet, but think about this:

If you could set your game anywhere, in any world, what would it be?

(Our answer, as a team, is pretty much always Silent Hill. )

See you all tomorrow!


So Below – When I Becomes We

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Day two of the info posts is all about So Below, City Limits Book Two. Although they take place in the same world, So Below is an urban horror, a game taking place in our own cities with a twisted edge.

No one is quite sure what the Gidim are. They woke and began introducing themselves when the Wellsprings opened, in the form of the daemons. Each daemon introduces itself with its own name and one of the Gidim, so most people believe them to be clans or classes of individual daemons. Others believe the Gidim to be much larger beings, fathomless and ancient, and that the daemons that take up residence in human minds are small facets or tendrils of these creatures.

Every daemon is completely different, as unique as the individual hosting it. They have different faces, shapes, and names, and even two daemons of the same Gidim may have little in common aside from their abilities. They seem to dredge up their appearance and name from the memory of the host; rarely is a daemon completely unfamiliar to its host. They’ve even been known to deliberately take the faces or names of people the host knows.

For the most part, they try to instruct their hosts in the use of their powers, but they also speak of their own imperatives. Daemons have their own goals, and they promise their hosts power in exchange for help, revoking their gifts if the host goes too long without helping them.

Jeanne, of the Gidim Irkalla, demands that her host donate money to charity. She still helps him cheat at cards.

The imperatives vary wildly. Some are very personal; Cassius, of the Gidim Nergal, demands victory by any means, although when he first woke up he overwhelmed his host with bloodlust. Others are more idealistic; Iris, of the Gidim Ishkur, is trying to find a Wellspring where there is no suffering, a place she calls “Paradise”.

Information on daemons is not widely available from official sources; most of the information a person can find is on the web, where users congregate to share their experiences.


As Above – Government Testing And You!

Remember to check out the City Limits Kickstarter and to check us out on twitter at @TeamCabalGames for more updates!

Welcome to the first of my posts about the world of City Limits! Today, we’re diving right into book one, As Above. As Above is a supernatural thriller, taking place among government and military agents struggling to regain control of a world their governments turned upside down.

According to official records, the shift happened as a result of chemical testing. A synthetic drug which turned out, in a landmark study, to actually grant supernatural abilities to some users, became a whole new frontier in chemical engineering. Just as the first subject was successfully freed from the drug’s debilitating side effects, it leaked somehow into the water table.

The results were catastrophic. Large areas of the world became Rogue Reactions, dangerously unpredictable terrain where there had once been city streets, and civilians gained access to the Manifestation Control ability, albeit in its unstable form.

So far, scientists have identified over 32 different reactions to the Manifestation Control Reagent, only the five most common of which can be stabilized. Each is identified with a number, and the stable types with a codename and the designation “S”. After an operative is designated with a stable type, they are quarantined for the long process of stabilization, which includes a cocktail of drugs and intense mental and physical training.

Cpt. Claire Eastmann, MC-SWAT, NYPD, Designated MCS-03

MCS-03, the “Mercury” type, was the first to be stabilized. Operatives show some limited prophetic ability, making them excellent strategic assets. They can also cast spells, although they must be set in advance and are only activated upon the fulfillment of the operative’s prophecy. An operative who can make intelligent use of MCS-03 can completely turn the tide of an engagement, or cement an already-certain victory.

MCU-09, on the other hand, has yet to be stabilized or named, but operatives seem able to project their nightmarish hallucinations to others, and some governments have made it a high priority.

Any questions? We’ve prepared a handy pamphlet for you, but anything else can be answered by your superior officer.