And our kickstarter is live!

Here it is!


We’ve been working hard to get even this far, but the fun’s just beginning! Stay tuned for updates, game information, setting stuff, and more videos. Stardom is a hell of a drug, Dustin. A hell of a drug.


And we have a website!

Party hard, everyone! The Cabal Games website¬† ( is finally ready to go live. Thanks so much to Marc at for all his help. The guy’s a gem.

What does a new website mean for CBG? Well, first of all, it means that you’ve got an easy place to go to find out what we’re up to, from posts on this blog about the design process to updates on our Kickstarter to art from our beloved Nick Acheff, it’s your one-stop-shop for everything Cabal Games! (Except not a shop yet)

(So it’s just one stop)

If all goes according to plan, once I’ve filmed Dustin pleading with you guys for money, the Kickstarter will go live tomorrow, July 13th. Get ready!