Halfway Day – Contest!

Hi, everyone!

It’s time to unveil our big Halfway Day contest! It’s opening right now, and it’ll last for the next 24 hours, closing tomorrow at 1 PM Mountain Time.

We’re confident that Mod is the most customizable universal you’ve ever seen, and we’re going to prove it. So, take to twitter! We want to hear your dream setting, the world you’ve always wanted to have a good game in, the one your group keeps daydreaming about between encounters.

Tweet your answer using #CBGHalfwayday and we’ll draw five winners from the people who submit!

Four winners will receive dice sets and character sheet notepads, so they don’t have to ask whose printer is working for at least ten more adventures!

Our grand prize winner, however, will receive:

  • A print version of the Mod Basic Manual, coil-bound for easy reference.
  • A notepad of character sheets
  • A set of 4d6, so you can leave the unlucky one out
  • The custom setting of your choice

That’s right. We’ll build a ruleset for the game setting of your dreams, including traits, abilities, and spell parameters. Just tell us what it is!


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